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IT security servicesPC security

We offer an in depth analysis of your PC infrastructure and habits in order to show you the security issues in your organization.

We secure Windows as well as Linux systems. We also analyze and improve the security of your Internet connection. We take care of the operating system, the firewall, the anti virus software as well as securing the browser. This also includes the necessary updates of the whole software installed on your computer.

Rules for accessing, securing, encrypting and backup your data are other important points to consider.

We take also care of the non technical side. This concerns company specific security habits and procedures as well as the sensitization of the employees about security (confidentiality, strong passwords, social engineering, etc).

Disaster recovery will also be integrated in the security concept. This concerns the administrative aspects, the physical infrastructure, the backup-restore mechanism, logistic aspects and the network.

Website security

Phoenix IT MOS offers penetration testing of your Website in order to determine its security level. If necessary, we will put in place appropriate security measures to protect your online store, customer access, etc.

The basic protection begins on the server level. You have to check all the incoming data for that.

The security of a Website is important because an intruder can delete your entire Website, abuse accounts, steal passwords or redirect payments.

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