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Phoenix IT MOS offers you optimal solutions for your Information Technology projects. We focus basically on elegant, reliable and effective technical solutions, your business needs, timing, costs and simplicity.

We have five main services :

Website Design and DevelopmentThis service realizes affordable, nice and easy to use Websites and blogs for small and medium size businesses. We are on your side during the whole process of your project. Aside from design and development aspects, we focus also on SEO and security during the whole development process of your Website or blog.

LinuxThe Linux service will help you to run Debian Linux smoothly on your desktop or server. We believe in open source solutions which are more reliable than most of the standard software packages. We basically use Debian or Debian based distributions.

IT SecurityThis service covers PC security as well as Website security. We cover technical and organizational aspects of PC security. We focus also on the Internet connection, your data security and a disaster recovery plan. Pen-testing your Website gives you the information whether your Website has a good security level.

IT ConsultingOur consulting service provides affordable IT solutions for small and medium size businesses. You can profit from our long experience in IT, continually developed since 1979. Our basic consulting areas are around Website design and development, Linux, IT security and IT infrastructure.

System AdministrationThis service ensures an optimal functioning for your computers. Periodical maintenance as well as interventions on demand are possible.

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