Linux services

Linux services The goal of this service is to embed Linux in your business environment in an optimal way. The Linux service covers not only the operating system, but also the software you need as well as the eventual transition from Windows to Linux.
We also show you how to install, configure and operate Debian Linux on your desktop or on your server.

Phoenix IT MOS administers your Linux systems remotely. The remote system administration consists of regular updates, security patches, maintenance, system management as well as monitoring in general.

What is Linux ?

Linux is the name of the Kernel of operating systems named distributions. A Linux distribution contains the kernel and other software in order to have a fully functional operating system. A desktop distribution contains basically the kernel, tools, libraries, a window manager as well as a graphical user interface and some applications. Examples for Linux distributions : Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian.

Why should I use Linux ?

It's free, yes - most distributions are free of charge ! Linux distributions are not as resource hungry as Windows is. You can run a Linux distribution on older machines for years. Most viruses are designed for Windows, the Linux distributions are not affected by them. And last but not least; you don't have to defragment your harddisk.

Get in touch and let us discuss what we can do to simplify your life with Linux !

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