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web design an development service We build Websites or blogs for businesses, associations and also personal ones. We support you all the way, from the idea to the strategy, to the design, to the implementation and to the hosting.

It's important for us to build nice, simple to use and code correct Websites. Phoenix IT MOS incorporates SEO technology and IT security aspects while developing Websites and blogs.

Our Websites are basically build on HTML (of course), CSS, JavaScript and PHP.
The Website design service includes also text review, proofreading and translation.

For the SEO we focus on creating visitor attracting content and keyword design as well as onpage technical SEO aspects. The onpage technical SEO aspects are for example : the SILO structure, the link structure, ALT attributes and anchor texts, the right use of tags (title, meta, etc), the sitemaps, the Robots protocol, a proper URL structure. We implement structured data markup for a better visibility in search engines and social medias. Speed improvement is another important point for us, this will basically be done onpage and on the hosts side. We build mobile friendly Websites and blogs.

We keep an eye on IT security in the whole developing process for the Website or blog. We cover also the host security. We secure input/output operations and take measures against CSFR, XSS, etc. Securing the CMS is another important point for us.

Contact us in order to learn how we can work together to find the best strategy and implement the optimal Website or blog for you.

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